Template License and Terms of Use:

You should carefully read the following terms and conditions. Your purchase and/or use of the products implies that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.


You are granted a nonexclusive license to use the template and it's contents in accordance with the Terms and Conditions defined in this "license".

Limited Usage Granted:

The license entitles you to use the template included in the package on an unlimited number of sites. All site domains utlizing the template must be owned by you. You can not share, resell or redistribute the template, in whole or in part, to another site and/or domain owned by another person or entity. Even though this is a multi site license, you can not share or divide the license. If you are using the template on multiple sites and domains, but decide to transfer or sell only one of your sites and domains to another person or entity, or if you develop sites for clients, you will be required to purchase a license on behalf of each new owner.

Images and Photo Content:

You can use and/or modify the content included the template associated with the purchase to which the license applies. You may not use, resell or redistribute any portions of the content, modified or unmodified, with another website project or product.

Disclaimer - Photos included in the template package were obtained from various public-domain sources that allows personal and commercial use. Most photos have been altered or modified from their original state to suit the template. It's important to be aware that it's impossible to verify or fully guarantee that the publishers and authors are the actual legal copyright holders of all the images, or if proper model releases where obtained. Therefore I can not fully guarantee the legal use of all the photos provided in the template package.

important note
Important note - Using photos or images of models included in the package that have identifiable people should not be used in an inappropriate or defamatory manner, such as in the promotion of pornographic material or websites of an adult nature. If you decide to use them in a website deemed to be inappropriate you will be responsible for any legal action or consequences that may be bestowed upon you by the models or their agents.

Customizations and Modifications:

You are entitled to make any modifications to the template and it's contents to suit your needs or purpose. I do not provide any personal support to assist you in customizing, tweaking or modifying the template to suit your liking or desires. The manual provides instructions on how to make some basic changes, anything beyond that will be up to you and your abilities in HTML and CSS.

Unauthorized Use:

You may not republish or place the template or any of it's content, which includes all icons and images as well as the manual and it's instructions, modified or unmodified, on a diskette, CD, website or any other medium and offer them for redistribution, download or resale.


You may not claim intellectual rights or ownership to the template or it's contents, modified or unmodified.

Refund Policy:

Since the template and the included design elements or mods are non-tangible irrevocable goods, refunds cannot be issued once the product has been delivered.


There are no guarantees that all elements of the template will render or function perfectly or exactly alike in all browsers or devices. Every effort is made to try and ensure cross-browser compatibility with most modern browsers and devices, however there are just some things that are beyond the control of a developer or designer, such as bugs or shortcomings within some browsers.

Templates are designed for the default version of the Etano script. No warranty or support is provided for the compatibility of any third party mods or add-ons provided in the Datemill Forums or for any custom modifications created by you.