Clone Tool Guide:

Use this tool if you already have a live site open to the public, and/or if you have had some custom work done which you will want to include or integrate into your new template. You can easily create a clone of your site and install the template to the cloned version which will allow you to redesign and view your work without messing with your default skin or causing any interruptions to your visitors. When you're confindent everything looks and functions as you want with your new template, then you can tranfer it as your default skin.

BackupIt's also IMPERATIVE that you BACKUP your default skins_site folder and it's contents, not only so you're able to restore the site to it's original state should something go wrong, but you also may need these files to reference code that you modified or customized which you may want to also implement into your new template files.

You should always have a complete and up-to-date BACKUP of your entire site, failure to do so can result in the ability to restore your site to it's original state and the permanent loss of any custom work you may have done.

Installation Instructions:

Upload (or FTP) the zip file ( to tmp/packages located in your Etano root directory. Do not open or expand the zip file, just leave it as a zipped file.

Now go to your Etano Admin Panel and click on "Package Manager" from the left menu and you should now see a clone skin module section.

Click Here for screenshots of the following steps for setting up a clone

Step 1 - simply click the install link to begin the process.

Step 2 - name your skin, I've used "test" just as an example, you can name it anything you like. Try to use just one word especially for the skin path section. If you do use 2 words for the path name be sure to use an underscore, such as ... new_skin.

Step 3 - in your admin panel and go to >> Site Setup >> Skin Settings >> then click the "Regenerate" link.

A clone of your site has now been created and ready to use. You now edit the files in the skins_site/test folder. To view your new skin as you make changes, enter in your browser.
To switch back to the default skin you would enter

Switching your cloned skin to be your default:

When you're confident everything looks and functions the way you want, you can transfer all the files and folders from your skins_site/test folder to your skins_site/def folder. But be sure to back up your entire "def" folder first just incase something goes wrong.

If you want you can then delete the test clone by going to >> Site Setup >> Skin Settings >> then click the "delete" icon next to the test skin in the list. This will delete the test folder and all of it contents.

Alternately you can leave the "test" clone folder on your server as it can be used as handy tool for editing things on your site as it allows you to test it first and make sure it works properly without interrupting or your messing up your site, then you can copy the changed files from your "test" clone folder to your "def" folder. IMPORTANT - if you decide to do this, it's imperative that you keep your files in both the "def" and "test" folders in sync and up to date so all files in both folders are identical.